CPSC Conference Report Now on the House Floor

By July 30, 2008Briefly Legal

It’s a done deal, H.R. 4040. Or will be soon enough. Chairman Dingell and Ranking Member Barton are praising the bipartisan agreement. “The end product is worthy of support by everybody,” Barton said.

There’s much that concerns the business community in this legislation, obviously. We’ve written about the objections over the last several days.  That said, the members of the conference committee and their staffs listened and acknowledged those concerns.

The reality is that the heightened public anxiety about toys and children’s product safety, in particular, has helped create an environment in which some form of legislation like this was going to pass. And so it will…

The NAM sent a letter to the conferees today that affirms the association’s belief in enhanced funding and authority for the CPSC and also registers our concerns. The text is here.

UPDATE (6:05 p.m.): 424-1.

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