Cool Stuff Being Made: Byer’s Choice Figurines

When a personal interest and home business grows, and grow, and grows…

What does Christmas look like to you? It was the late 1960’s and Joyce Byers, an amateur artist with a degree in fashion design, was disappointed in what she was seeing in the stores: aluminum tinsel trees with garish blue lights. She was looking for holiday decorations with warmth that showed respect for timeless traditions and her own memories of Christmas.

“A scrap of fabric, part of my mother’s old fur coat, some hair from the kids, a coat hanger, some plaster and paint. The first ones were made with simple things that I had around the house,” says Joyce Byers. “I dressed them in plaids and made them cheerfully singing because that reminded me of Christmas.”

And today…

Together, the family now oversees a team of 180 artisans in Pennsylvania who handcraft those same creations that started out on the dining room table many years ago. And although the Carolers are sold in thousands of fine gift stores around the world, the company still holds to its starting roots: producing a quality product, at an affordable price, and dedicated to serving its customers and the community in the spirit of Christmas.

That history comes from the company website of Byer’s Choice of Chalfont, Penn., a manufacturer of handcrafted gifts. In this week’s Cool Stuff Being Made, Bob Byers, Jr., company president, gives us a tour of the production process, manufacturing that helps create limited-run gifts with a lot of personal, handmade touches.

Time to be ordering for the fall!

Thanks, again, to the good people at PCNTV for the underlying video.

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