Coming from CNBC: The Top States for Business, 2008

By July 8, 2008Economy

Ah, good, CNBC is repeating its exercise from 2007, ranking the states according to their business climates, using a variety of categories (and with input from the NAM). Reporter Scott Cohn comments,

Not to give too much away, but our second annual study does show some notable changes from the 2007 results

Remember, the U.S. economy has been slowing down. Energy and commodity prices are rising.  That hurts some states, but helps others. Big changes in the jobless rate hurt some state economies, but increase the supply of available workers. Can Virginia repeat as America’s Top State for Business this year? Will those high energy prices help Alaska rebound from the bottom?

Lots of different organizations and media outlets do state-by-state rankings on all sorts of things; the public seems to like lists and once you settle on the criteria, they’re easy to do. If you take the methodologies into account, combine and compare and contrast, they’re pretty informative.

Look for the reports tomorrow, July 9th.

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