CBC, Depicting Something Else

By July 1, 2008Energy

Above is the Canadian Press photo that CBC used to illustrate a story, “Bakken Formation: Will it fuel Canada’s oil industry?

Couldn’t the editors find a photo of whalers processing blubber from a right whale?

The point being that the photo depicts the mining of Canadian oil sands, which has little to do with the drilling used to access the Bakken Shale formation. That process looks more like this:

(Minnesota Public Radio photo)

Just a guess, but we bet there’s a CBC editor or two who really dislike the Canadian oil sands and will find any reason at all to justify a photo. (Without mentioning reclamation.)

BTW, the CBC story itself is quite good. Saskatchewan, long a poor relative among the provinces, is a real growth story these days.

Production from the Bakken has been stupendous,” said Roy Schneider, spokesman for Saskatchewan Energy and Resources. “As recently as 2004, production was 278,540 barrels; last year, 2007, we were nudging up against five million barrels – the exact figure was 4,965,000 barrels.

 Hope our U.S. politicians don’t alienate the Canadian oil suppliers. We need that energy.

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