Card Check: Voters Just Don’t Like It

By July 23, 2008Labor Unions

The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, of which the NAM is a member, today released results of statewide surveys investigating public opinion on the Employee Free Choice Act, i.e., “card check,” in New Mexico, Louisiana and New Hampshire.

Bottom line: Voters strongly dislike card-check provisions that would eliminate secret-ballot elections during organizing campaigns, AND, candidates who support the Employee Free Choice Act are taking a political risk.

NB: Members of union families are even stronger supporters of keeping secret-ballot elections than are non-union families.

From the news release:

“It’s clear there’s a disconnect between the labor bosses in Washington, DC who are lobbying to effectively remove private ballots for workers, and rank and file union members who overwhelmingly support keeping their vote private when deciding whether or not to join a union,” said Brian Worth, vice president of the Independent Electrical Contractors, Inc. and member of the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace. “Opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act is widespread among voters in Louisiana, New Hampshire and New Mexico, regardless of party affiliation and actually increases among union members themselves. Hopefully, candidates are listening,” added Worth.


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