Card Check Questions on the Campaign Trail

 This morning on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ program former Chairman and CEO of GE, Jack Welch asked Linda Douglass, Senior Advisor on the Obama Campaign if Senator Obama supports eliminating secret ballots when workers decide whether to join a union.

VIDEO: Card Check Questions on the Campaign Trail

For the relevant transcript, please see the extended entry of this post.

Linda Douglass: …there are concerns about NAFTA.  These are concerns that when he is president, he will take up with the leaders of Mexico and Canada.  But he doesn’t talk about unilaterally opening it up.


Jack Welch:  Now I want to know about how he’s going to vote on the Free Choice Act that passed Congress in the last thing.  This labor movement where we give up the secret ballot.  Now where is he going to come out on giving up the secret ballot in this country?  One of the great things this country has.


Linda Douglass:  Well I’ve got to tell you that I’m really not prepared that to give you the answer on that particular question Mr. Welch.  I hope you won’t fire me.


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