Card Check: Just Another Word for No Votes Left to Lose

By July 11, 2008Labor Unions

Newspaper veteran and Scripps-Howard columnist Jay Ambrose takes a look at the Employee Free Choice Act as its plays out in the Colorado Senate race between Rep. Mark Udall (D-CO) and former Rep. Bob Schaffer (R-CO):

There is nothing free about it. It’s nothing less than a way of coercing unwilling workers into forming unions that will then take money out of their pockets whether they like it or not and do heaven knows what with it.

Chiefly what the legislation aspires to accomplish is the end of secret ballots in elections to certify unions by relying solely on a system of publicly signing cards that subject voters to pressure from peers and brow-beating union organizers. It simultaneously restricts the speech of employers, thereby keeping any debate from being much of a debate.

When someone like Udall says that, well, all of this is needed to balance things, to make up for advantages businesses have, you want to scream to him that this is the talk of the tyrant, always willing to circumvent liberty and make things worse for people in the name of rescuing them.

Ambrose’s recommendation is the same we’ve been making since last year’s debate on card check: The voters, the public, have to educate themselves on the issue and not let organized labor shine them on about the magical powers of the Employee Free Choice Act:

Wherever you happen to live, look closely at what candidates of both parties are actually proposing, not just the rhetoric about golden days being right around the corner if you vote for them. Pay attention, for one thing, to their stand on forcing unions back into the forefront of American life. I have, and I can promise that the information will influence my vote.

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