Card Check: It is TOO an Issue

Mickey Kaus, reform-minded Democrat who writes at, scopes out the political scene and comments:

When I tell my liberal friends that “card check” is one of the big issues in the 2008 campaign, they tend to roll their eyes. But when I tell my conservative friends that “card check” is one of the big issues in 2008 … they roll their eyes too. Apparently the words “card check” are not enough, in themselves, to convey the fundamental shift in industrial organization that might result if workers could trigger unionization under the Wagner Act without a normal secret-ballot election.

Mike Murphy’s initial anti-card check ads, using actor Vincent Curatola who played Johnny Sack in The Sopranos (and who also appeared in the Clintons’ parody), attempted to bring the issue down from the eye-roll level. They seemed effective to me, but I’m pre-convinced. Murphy’s new follow-up ads–example here–will be a test of whether support of card check can actually be used against individual candidates. I’m less convinced of that. … P.S.: The target of this particular ad is Al Franken. It’s hard for me to believe that Franken, who’s always struck me as a sensible yuppie neolib type underneath, actually cares that much about card check (whatever his Web site says). … 1:40 A.M.
P.S. Funny that today brings two high-profile mentions of fundamental shifts in the economic structure, first Gore’s speech about energy and now the discussion at Kausfiles about labor. Well, as they always say, “Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country.”

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