Al Gore Blimey

Soon after it convenes at 10 a.m. today, the Senate will turn to S. 3268, the expedited anti-speculation bill introduced on Tuesday by Senate Democratic leadership. (To read the text, start here.) The bill will provide an opening for Round Next of the Great Energy Debate, 2008.

But across town in DAR Constitution Hall, former Democratic President of the Senate Al Gore will present his own grand plan for the globe, the implementation of a world view fundamentally hostile to fossil fuels. Including gasoline. Which is more than $4 a gallon. A world view that despises coal, which generates more than half of U.S. electricity. And prosperity, Gore doesn’t much like U.S. prosperity.

So you can understand some Senators’ consternation about messages being stepped on, mixed, stepped on again, then doused in cold water, and mixed. Kind of like a campfire.

From The Hill:

The former vice president-turned-elder statesman has achieved rock-star status within his party, not to mention a Nobel Prize, for his environmental activism. But Democrats’ political troubles over the issue of gas prices and domestic drilling prompt some lawmakers to wonder about Gore’s timing.

The question some Democrats have is whether a high-profile speech about the importance of protecting the environment might be exploited by Republicans who want to portray their ideological opponents as caring more about polar bears than Americans who have had to pay record prices for gasoline.

Gore’s profession these days is public lecturer, so we’re not sure why we should pay more attention to these remarks than the last 429 Powerpoint presentations he’s given, but since he may conceivably affect legislation, we probably will.

Bet he’ll embrace a new Manhattan Project for alternative energy. An Apollo program to end our reliance on fossil fuels. A Marshall Plan for energy independence. An East German national sports program to achieve VICTORY!

UPDATE: (10:25 a.m.): Ah, Gore’s going with JFK’s “Man on the Moon” program, the 10-year plan. Really not very original.  Still, it’s better than: “We a need new White Sea Canal project.”

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