A White House Statement on EPA’s Notice

By July 11, 2008Global Warming

The Office of the White House Press Secretary has issued a statement in response to the EPA’s advanced notice of proposed rulemaking. The statement demonstrates solid reasoning, reflects economic and scientific reality, and embraces principles of representative government. It’s pretty good.


[The] onerous command-and-control regulation contemplated in the EPA staff draft would impose crippling costs on the economy in the form of a massive hidden tax, without even ensuring that the intended overall emissions reductions occur.

It’s important to make the public aware of the damage this approach would impose on our economy, so we’ve asked the EPA to make available for comment the draft it sent to OMB for interagency review, along with the comments from other agencies and offices. We not only invite comment from the American people, but encourage it. During that period, Congress should consider the consequences of allowing unelected officials to make such fundamental decisions affecting our economy.

For example, stretching the Clean Air Act beyond its original purpose could override the fuel economy standards Congress recently adopted. It would also give EPA unprecedented power affecting anyone who uses or produces energy — from stores and manufacturing facilities to power plants, farmers, even schools, hospitals and apartment buildings. The EPA would function like a local planning and zoning board, with potentially devastating effects on our economy. The Administration is confident that when Congress has made an honest assessment of the costs, benefits and feasibility of this approach, it will agree that the law must be changed to prevent regulation of greenhouse gases under laws written for different purposes.

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