A Strong Defense — and Good Explanations — of an Industry

By July 9, 2008General

The House Oversight Committee held a hearing today to delve into “FEMA’s toxic trailers,” as Chairman Waxman framed the debate. The hearing was organized to present a case against elevated levels of formaldehyde in travel trailers that housed people displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Tough, albeit typical, setup for any witness, condemned before you even utter the first word.

Still, from all the accounts we’re getting, manufacturers of travel trailers did an outstanding job in explaining their industry, putting the contents of their building materials into context, and representing conscientious companies.

Their testimony is here:

Also testifying was Mr. Steve Bennett, President, Pilgrim International, Inc.

Rep. Mark Sounder (R-IN) also displayed the good appreciation of the industry, as you might expect from an elected Hoosier.

C-SPAN has a video of the hearing available here

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