They Need the Hot Air to Puff Up Their Case

By June 16, 2008General

From a fundraising e-mail, Union of Concerned Scientists:

Last week, despite overwhelming public support, senate obstructionists were able to block meaningful debate on a bill that would have established a strong framework for reducing U.S. global warming pollution.

So the debate was meaningless, eh?

Have to disagree. The recent debate over the Lieberman-Warner climate change legislation actually provided a bracing dose of reality, forcing the cap-and-trade advocates to abandon the green utopianism and instead address economic specifics…and consequences. The study that the NAM and the American Council for Capital Formation commissioned — and the many other studies done by disinterested parties, as well — brought home the truth that the cap-and-trade, command-and-control regime would have destroyed millions of jobs, sent the price of energy through the roof, and sacrificed U.S. competitiveness to targets and dreams.

A very meaningful debate, indeed.

P.S. Here’s the full e-mail pitch.

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