The Week Ahead: The Week of June 23

By June 23, 2008General

Congress attempts a week of heavy legislating and/or gas price hectoring before next week’s break for the celebration of U.S. independence from Britain. President Bush welcomes the leaders of the Philippines, Vietnam and Abu Dhabi.

The House convenes at 12:30 p.m. today, has many suspensions – including separate honors to Robert Mondavi and the Corvette– and then has some major bills through the week: H.R. 6275, The Alternative Minimum Tax Relief Act of 2008; H.R. 3195, the ADA Restoration Act; and H.R.6052, The Saving Energy Through Public Transportation Act of 2008. Speaker Pelosi has indicated that other legislation targeting gas prices and speculation will be on the floor, including “use it or lose it.” The floor schedule for the week is available here

The Senate convenes at 3 p.m. today, with debate to turn to H.R. 3221the housing legislation and the Dodd-Shelby substitute amendment (No. 4983). Other issues expected to come to the floor this week are H.R. 6304, the FISA Amendments Act, and H.R. 2642, the $162 billion war supplemental.

Senate Hearings: Commerce holds a full committee hearings Tuesday on the effects of climate change on transportation. A Commerce subcommittee on Thursday holds a hearing on summer air congestion and delays. Energy and Natural Resources on Thursday considers increased global energy demand and new technologies. Environment and Public Works on Wednesday considers the federal role in surface transportation. Finance on Tuesday holds an oversight hearing on trade, focusing on customs. The full Finance Committee on Thursday considers international tax reform.  Homeland Security on Tuesday examines “excessive speculation in commodity markets.” A Judiciary subcommittee on Wednesday examines laptop searches of Americans returning from abroad. For the full list of Senate hearings, start here.

House Hearings: More markups by the full Appropriations Committee this week; go here for details. House Agriculture holds a hearing Wednesday on trading in energy markets. An Energy and Commerce subcommittee meets Wednesday on regulation of energy speculation (details); the health subcommittee on Thursday meets on H.R. 3014, Health Equity and Accountability Act of 2007; also Thursday, a subcommittee hearings on universal service.  Thursday it’s a subcommittee hearing on climate change, “costs of inaction.” Financial Services on Thursday considers H.R. 6066, Extractive Industries Transparency Disclosure Act. A Homeland Security subcommittee meets Tuesday on the Goodyear explosion and risk management. A Judiciary subcommittee holds a hearing Tuesday on H.R. 5267, Business Activity Tax Simplification Act of 2008; Friday a task force meeting on competition on the Internet. A Natural Resources subcommittee hearing Tuesday on climate change. Two Science and Technology subcommittee hearings Tueday: skilled work, and energy-efficient road infrastructure. House Small Business on Thursday considers the effects of air transportation crisis on entrepreneurs. A Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing on Tuesday, surface transportation in moving people and freight. Wednesday, a subcommittee hearing on pipeline inspection law; The Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee holds a subcommittee hearing Wednesday with the Intelligence Committee on the national security implications of global climate. On Thursday, the full bully pulpit holds a hearing, “$4 Gasoline and Fuel Economy: Auto Industry at a Crossroads.” For all the House hearings, start here.

Executive Branch: Tuesday is Southeast Asia day as President Bush welcomes Prime Minister Dung of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and President Arroyo of the Philippines. Also Tuesday Secretary of Commerce Gutierrez and Prime Minister Dung witness the signing of commercial deals between U.S. companies and their Vietnamese counterparts. On Thursday, President Bush welcomes the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, UAE.


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