The Moral High Ground

By June 2, 2008Global Warming

The pro-regulation, pro-tax, pro-crush-the-economy side of the global warming issue — supporters of Lieberman-Warner included — want to claim the moral high ground in the debate, since inaction will supposedly lead to dead polar bears, endangered crustaceans, and every other bad thing that ever happens.

But doesn’t the moral high ground actually belong to those productive members of our society who create wealth, including the tax revenues that finance the government’s protection of the environment? Jobs creators have a better claim of doing good than do the jobs destroyers, right?

Anyway, just a thought, prompted by this observation in today’s Washington Post:

“This is just a money grab,” said James E. Rogers, the chief executive of Duke Energy. Rogers says he supports a cap-and-trade system but argues that this bill raises too much revenue from coal users while diverting too much of it to other purposes. “Only the mafia could create an organization that would skim money off the top the way this legislation would skim money off the top,” he said. Duke, with customers in Ohio, Indiana and the Carolinas, relies heavily on coal-fired plants.

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