Stupid Moral Equivalence from WaPo Columnist

By June 11, 2008General

Harold Meyerson, “The L.A. Times’ Human Wrecking Ball“:

On Oct. 1, 1910, a bomb set by James McNamara, an operative of the Iron Workers union, then embroiled in a ferocious dispute with the Los Angeles Times, blew up the Times building, killing 21 pressmen. McNamara was arrested the following April, convicted and later sentenced to life in prison. He died in San Quentin in 1941.

The question for today is: Would a similar sentence be appropriate for Sam Zell?

So now the Washington Post’s editors consider it acceptable to compare U.S. businessmen to murderous, terrorist bombers.

Why limit yourself with the historical reference, Meyerson? Go ahead and compare Zell, the Times’ owner, to Osama bin Laden.

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