Some Choice: Support One Issue, Support Them All

By June 16, 2008Labor Unions

So when an employee chooses union representation, is his goal to improve his wages, benefits and conditions? Or is it to achieve radical change, restructuring U.S. society, the economy and foreign policy?

We ask in light of this entry at the AFL-CIO blog, “Public Uprising for Change Offers Opportunity to Turn America Around.” Excerpt:

The union movement can play a key role in bringing about major changes, panelists said. But they cautioned that progressive change is not a slam dunk. Communications Workers of America President Larry Cohen told the forum that our nation needs “a clear agenda” from the union movement to build a mass mobilization for change from among the thousands of local grassroots efforts. Three key issues that must be a part of the agenda are the Employee Free Choice Act, universal health care coverage and an end to the Iraq war, Cohen said. In other words:

We have to create our own New Deal.

We don’t recall military withdrawal as being part of the first New Deal, but to many of today’s labor radicals foreign policy counts just as high as a worker’s paycheck.

Maybe that’s why card check is so important. The unions need the intimidation factor in order to dragoon employees into membership, even those workers who support a victory in Iraq or dislike single-payer health care.

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