Sen. James Inhofe on Lieberman-Warner

By June 3, 2008Global Warming

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), the ranking member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, describes the effects of S. 3036, the cap and trade bill, in painful detail in today’s Wall Street Journal, an op-ed, “We Don’t Need a Climate Tax on the Poor.” And if the legislation is ever enacted, the pain will be enormous …lost jobs, lost income, and as Inhofe capably points out, lost freedoms.

With average gas prices across the country approaching $4 a gallon, it may be hard to believe, but the U.S. Senate is considering legislation this week that will further drive up the cost at the pump.

The Senate is debating a global warming bill that will create the largest expansion of the federal government since FDR’s New Deal, complete with a brand new, unelected bureaucracy. The Lieberman-Warner bill (America’s Climate Security Act) represents the largest tax increase in U.S. history and the biggest pork bill ever contemplated with trillions of dollars in giveaways. Well-heeled lobbyists are already plotting how to divide up the federal largesse. The handouts offered by the sponsors of this bill come straight from the pockets of families and workers in the form of lost jobs, higher gas, power and heating bills, and more expensive consumer goods.

Inhofe is a forceful advocate for a competitive economy and good science, and he does advocate an achievable and ultimately more effective strategy for dealing with climate issues.

The better way forward is an energy policy that emphasizes technology and includes developing nations such as China and India. Tomorrow’s energy mix must include more natural gas, wind and geothermal, but it must also include oil, coal and nuclear power, which is the world’s largest source of emission-free energy. Developing and expanding domestic energy sources will translate into energy security and ensure stable supplies and well-paying jobs for Americans.

Read the whole thing. And for continuing coverage of environmental issues, visit the Inhofe EPW Press Blog.

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