Raising Green Expectations

By June 25, 2008Global Warming

The Wall Street Journal carried a fun story today, “The Greenest Show on Earth: Democrats Gear Up for Denver,” about the earnest efforts to be environmentally sensitive at the Democratic National Convention. And sensitive to unions. And every other group with sensitivities.

The convention even has a Director of Greening, Andrea Robinson:

To test whether celebratory balloons advertised as biodegradable actually will decompose, Ms. Robinson buried samples in a steaming compost heap. She hired an Official Carbon Adviser, who will measure the greenhouse-gas emissions of every placard, every plane trip, every appetizer prepared and every coffee cup tossed. The Democrats hope to pay penance for those emissions by investing in renewable energy projects.

Perhaps Ms. Robinson’s most audacious goal is to reuse, recycle or compost at least 85% of all waste generated during the convention.

Good luck. Seriously. Conservation and recycling make good sense, even if it’s just people picking up their trash. Just hope all the earnestness, Enviro-Monitors, policing,  reminding, announcements from the stage, PSAs, inserted paragraphs, etc. etc. etc. etc. doesn’t spoil the fun.

No fried food. And, on the theory that nutritious food is more vibrant, each meal should include “at least three of the following colors: red, green, yellow, blue/purple, and white.” (Garnishes don’t count.) At least 70% of ingredients should be organic or grown locally, to minimize emissions from fuel burned during transportation.

Doesn’t this kind of obsessiveness invite  a thousand “gotcha” stories? Every jet that brings in your Al Gore and/or Hollywood celebrity will point out that a modern society uses products and energy and creates waste. Every balloon of sanctimony will be pricked by human fallibility.

Imagine: “Thanks, Jim. And you know, that confetti is biodegradable!” And then they’ll find a dumpster full of it in a creek someplace, right next to the illicit 55-gallon barrels of saturated fats.

The public watching on TV might also wind up saying, uggh, what a bunch of scolds and busy bodies. And they want the government to do the same thing, times 100? No thanks.


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