Pump Some Digital Efficiency into Health Care

By June 11, 2008Health Care

NAM President John Engler has a column in today’s Detroit Free Press, “Upgrade health care digitally.” Excerpt:

[When] it comes to the prosaic but profoundly important handling of patient records and sharing medical information, we trail the modern world. Administratively speaking, most of American health care is using 19th Century technology. The majority of doctors still write prescriptions by hand. Test results gathered with state-of-the-art technology are then stored away in paper files and transported by snail mail.

This needless lack of efficiency is costing us both lives and money.

The NAM is a member of the Health IT Now! Coalition, and last week the boss participated in a Capitol Hill event to draw attention to legislation to ease the introduction of technology into medical care. The House Committee on Energy and Commerce has introduced a draft bill to address the issues.


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