Political Motives in Climate Change Bill

By June 3, 2008Global Warming

We’re guessing many Republican Senators voted with the Democrats to go ahead and debate S. 3036, the climate change tax and regulation program (the vote was 74-14), because they think the bill is a political loser: When voters come to appreciate its vast expansion of government control of the economy, they’ll reject it, forcefully. It’s 1993’s Clinton health care plan, all over again.

In a Roll Call story (subscription), we see Democratic staffer fearing the same thing (or at least we think we do, having to trust the anonymous sources):

“We are about to take up the most important fight of our generation, and we have no strategy, no message and no plan to get out of this,” one senior Senate Democratic aide said.

Another senior Senate Democratic staffer echoed those sentiments: “Everyone knows this bill is going nowhere. The president is opposed to it. The House is not inclined toward action on this, and now we’re going to spend valuable floor time on a bill that’s going nowhere … while Republicans are champing at the bit to accuse Democrats of raising gas prices.”

Senior staffers speak truth to power…anonymously!

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