Opposing the Cloture Vote on S. 3036

By June 5, 2008Global Warming

The NAM has sent a “Key Vote” letter to U.S. Senate offices opposing the cloture vote on the Boxer substitute to the Lieberman-Warner climate change bill, S. 3036. Excerpt:

The NAM and our members are committed to pursuing reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, provided that any commitments made by the United States are mirrored by comparable commitments by our trading partners, are based on sound science and cost-effectiveness, and are applied equally throughout the economy.  The NAM opposes S. 3036 because it: 

  • Does not pre-empt conflicting state and local climate change laws and/or regulations;
  • Imposes major new requirements on businesses without sufficiently protecting U.S. competitiveness or funding the research, development and commercial deployment of essential new technologies;
  • Omits “safety valve” provisions that do not adequately ensure cost containment;
  • Is limited in scope and does not include all sectors of the economy;
  • Unnecessarily increases demand on natural gas, driving up energy costs and job losses;
  • Does not adequately promote global participation; and
  • Creates a multitude of conflicting and duplicative regulations for manufacturers.

The Boxer substitute does nothing to address these concerns, and it should be rejected.   

 The full letter is here  in a .pdf file.

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