Opposing Domestic Energy Production is Illiberal

By June 19, 2008Energy

Don’t post enough Victor Davis Hanson around here. Let’s start to rectify that:

There is something pathetic about Americans begging the House of Saud to produce another 300,000-500,000 barrels of oil per day, while in mindless fashion repeating the mantra, “We can’t drill our way out of this problem” — as if anyone suggested absolute oil independence was the goal rather than more supply to deflate tight conditions that encourage speculation. Americans, who invented the oil industry, are beginning to resemble H.G. Wells’ Eloi in our refined paralysis.

Exploration and oil production are an issue that is absolutely explosive for Democrats, given their perennial resistance to ANWR, coastal and deep ocean drilling, tar sands, shale, liquid coal, and nuclear. And the irony is that their opposition to drilling — dismissing each potential find or field with the reductionist “it would be only 500,000 barrels,” “a mere million barrels,” or “just a few cents off a gallon of gas” — is classically illiberal to the point of either callousness or abject madness.

Social justice? Who suffers more from high fuel and gas prices than the poor?

The environment? With growing economies in China, India and elsewhere, the oil is going to be drilled. U.S. industry is the most environmentally sensitive producer there is. So…?

VDH continues with examination of national security, financial sanity, alternate fuels/new energies, and food versus fuel. Domestic energy production is progressive.


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