No Good Energy Deed Goes Unpunished

By June 30, 2008Energy

Last week we congratulated Dominion Power for being granted an air quality permit that will allow a coal-fired power plant to be constructed in Wise County, Virginia. Goodness knows the region needs the electricity.

Naturally, a group of young protesters tried to block Dominion’s headquarters this morning, so it’s clear we’ve got another cause celebre for the silly self-righteous. The rhetoric from some of the “youth” as posted at the It’s Getting Hot in Here website is revealingly silly, self-righteous and yet ultimately totalitarian.

Non-violent direct actions against coal-fired power plants and mountaintop removal coal mining are increasing this year as it becomes more and more apparent that challenging the plants legally, legislatively and in the regulatory process are only parts of the strategy and that radical action is needed as well.

Earlier this year, U.S. based-activists engaged in civil disobedience actions in Boston, New York, North Carolina and Richmond in protest of coal and coal finance. Earlier this month, U.K. activists stopped and occupied a coal train headed to the Drax power plant for combustion.

Last week, Dr. James Hanson [sic], NASA’s climate scientist, called for “radical steps” to stop the “perfect storm” of catastrophic climate chaos.

In the spirit of Dr. Hanson’s call to action, BREF! and Mountain Justice’s message was loud and clear this morning: “We Won’t Stop Until You Do.

Until we stop, what? Consuming electricity? Emitting carbon dioxide? Driving to work on Monday?

So interesting to see the self-promoting NASA scientist James Hansen rise even further in prominence. Last week he was calling for criminal trials against energy company executives, and now he’s providing the intellectual basis for monkeywrenching.

NASA scientist…NASA scientist….hmmm….radical theorist. Radical theorist James Hansen. Works for us.

UPDATE (5:30 p.m.): Richmond Times-Dispatch story: “[Hannah] Morgan said each protester was charged with obstruction of justice and interference with an emergency vehicle. ‘We are working hard to have these charges dropped,’ she said today.” Typical of this new era of protester, not even willing to face the consequences of their actions. Apparently they don’t understand that the seriousness of one’s cause demands real sacrifice by the individual actor; just inconveniencing someone else lacks moral weight. Haven’t they read Thoreau?

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  • Kevin says:

    Actually they did block Dominion’s HQ this morning, no trying involved. And electricity doesn’t have to come from coal, it can come from lots of other sources like wind and solar. There is also this thing called “energy efficiency” which means you conserve your energy, not waste it like Rome is Burning. All good conservatives should understand that. Between wind, solar and energy efficiency you can more than replace our dependence on coal and oil.

    We need to start replacing our energy sources as both are finite and won’t last forever.

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