No Energy, Anywhere, Ever

By June 19, 2008General

From the Los Angeles Times:

As President Bush called for increased oil and gas drilling in the Rocky Mountain West and offshore, an environmental group launched a legal battle Wednesday against the Interior Department, saying the agency broke its promise to limit environmental damage from natural gas and oil development on the Pinedale Anticline, one of the country’s top reserves.

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, a nonprofit coalition of hunting, fishing and other organizations, filed suit against the Interior Department and the Bureau of Land Management in U.S. District Court in Washington. The suit alleges the BLM, a division of the Interior Department, “failed unequivocally” to comply with its plans to monitor and mitigate the effects of gas and oil drilling on wildlife across the Anticline and violated the National Environmental Policy Act and Federal Land Policy and Management Act.

Good questions for campaign debates this fall: Do you support the legal efforts of environmental groups to block natural gas development in Wyoming? Colorado? Alaska? Off the Atlantic Coast? Off the Pacific Coast?

If so, then where would you permit development?

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