Mayor Produce Oil, Water and 280 Pages of Resolutions

By June 25, 2008Global Warming, Trade

Forget questions of effective city administration, infrastructure or taxes, mayors just want to fix the environment!

First we have the silly finger-wagging about bottled water.

And now a resolution from the U.S. Conference of Mayors telling the Canadians just to keep their dirty, dirty oil.

As a Calgary Sun columnist notes, “Considering that by 2020, Alberta’s oilsands will pump four-million barrels of oil a day — about a quarter of total current U.S. oil consumption, it could prove challenging and costly for these high-minded local politicians to find a separate spigot that will deliver only non-oilsands based fuel to their vehicle fleets.”

The package of resolutions adopted at the Miami meeting of mayors runs for 280 pages! No wonder the mayors want to preserve the Canadian northern arboreal forests from the ravages of oil sands extraction. They need to pulp the trees for paper instead.

P.S. 280 pages!

(Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds.)

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