Making the Case for Canadian Oil Sands

By June 12, 2008General

A nice website put up by the PR firm, Fleishman-Hillard, on the importance of the Canadian oil sands in supplying U.S. consumers and industry —

New on the site are results of a public opinion survey of Canadians and U.S. residents.

A majority of Americans said the potential of the Canadian oil sands as a secure, non-foreign source of oil to North America was more important than environmental concerns, while Canadians were evenly split, according to results of a major cross-border survey released today by Fleishman-Hillard. However, a high percentage of Canadians (85 per cent) think the oil sands is important to the Canadian economy.

With oil sands development on the rise, FH Canada Research surveyed the attitudes of 500 Canadians and 500 Americans to gauge how people are attempting to reconcile the need for a secure supply of oil against the backdrop of environmental concerns.

The survey shows that nearly half of Americans are aware of the oil sands. Canadians and Americans both see the oil sands as a major secure energy supply. Also, only a slightly higher percentage of Canadians (roughly half) put environmental concerns over secure supply and economic growth issues.

Nearly half of Americans are aware of the oil sands? That’s frankly hard to believe. “Oh, yeah, oil sands. Sure.” Did that many people attend that Alberta exhibits at the 2006 Smithsonian Folklife Festival?

In any case, the resource’s  development is critical to the U.S. economy and jobs, there’s no doubt about that. And we’re glad advocates are making an argument, because the oil sands have become a favorite, new target of the anti-energy green crowd.

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