Jed Babbin Explains FISA

At Human Events, editor Babbin outlines the politics of the FISA debate, noting the role of the plaintiff’s bar in stopping the House from passing the Senate-approved reforms:

That bill hit a wall when the trial lawyers asked Pelosi to preserve their chance to earn huge contingency fees in lawsuits against the telecoms alleging the sort of class-action tort claims used to blackmail big companies into high-dollar settlements. There are at least forty such suits already in the federal courts.  The cases are brought on behalf of people who don’t know if they’ve been listened to and — because they haven’t been hurt by whatever may or may not have been done — can only speculate about how they might have been damaged.  

These lawsuits aren’t merely the latest evolution in class action ambulance chasing. They are a form of “lawfare”: the use of the courts to interfere in America’s conduct in the war the terrorists are waging against us.  

The compromise is expected to be announced today.

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