In Minnesota, A Push for Real Worker Choice

By June 16, 2008Labor Unions

From the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, a news release:

WASHINGTON, DC –The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW) today announced that it was extending its public awareness campaign to reach Minnesota voters. The effort begins with airing a television spot designed to inform voters that the Big Labor-backed Employee Free Choice Act, or “card check” legislation, threatens worker privacy.

In an effort to fight declining union membership, the labor lobby has aggressively sought congressional passage of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). Under the EFCA, workers would lose their right to a private ballot when deciding whether to join a union. The private ballot would be replaced with a “card-check” scheme where a union is organized if a majority of workers simply sign a card; the workers’ signatures are made public to their employer, the union organizers and their co-workers. The bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives but was blocked in the Senate in June 2007. Big Labor has promised to reintroduce the
legislation next year.

“The voters and workers of Minnesota need to know that the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act is not about free choice at all. In fact, the card check legislation actually takes away the fundamental right to cast a vote in private when deciding whether or not to join a union,” said Brian Worth with the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace. “The more Minnesotans know about this anti-worker legislation, the less likely they are to vote for candidates who support it.”

The Coalition — to which the NAM belongs — notes that a survey of Minnesota voters shows that support for card check will work against candidates come this fall.

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