Good Agreements, Good Business, Good PR…Good!

By June 17, 2008Trade

From the AP:

WASHINGTON — On the eve of high-level economic talks between the United States and China, the Chinese government on Monday signed a number of business agreements with major U.S. companies underscoring China’s rising economic clout.

The more than 30 agreements covered a wide range of U.S. companies from General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. to Cisco Systems Inc., IBM Corp. and Motorola Inc.

Actually, we think the underscoring is the business to be done.

Obviously there’s an element of scene-setting here, the signing of agreements to provide a sense of goodwill during the meetings of the U.S.-China Strategic Economic Dialogue meetings in Annapolis.  And all for the good… AFP says $13.6 billion worth.

More from Reuters. Treasury has materials on the SED* meeting in Annapolis here.

* SED. Uggh. That was the acronym for the East German Communists, the Socialist Unity Party (Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands).

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