From the Ukraine, Good News for Trade

By June 9, 2008Trade

We post this photo just because we have it. Our friend, Shane Goettle, the North Dakota Commerce Commissioner, sent it along: It’s Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez in Kiev, shaking hands with Sergiy Polovenko, who represents the N.D. Trade Office in Ukraine.

Secretary Gutierrez was in Ukraine last week for a variety of worthwhile purposes, including a meeting with Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko. He also signed a joint statement with the Minister of Economy Bohdan Mykhailovych Danylyshyn. From the statement: “The U.S. Department of Commerce and Ministry of Economy of Ukraine entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, agreeing to develop and expand a cooperative relationship aimed at promotion of free and fair trade and the objective applicaiton of trade remedies and relief through antidumping, countervailing duty, and other trade laws.”

The photo comes from a ceremony where Gutierrez presented an Export Achievement Award to AMACO, an agricultural and construction equipment company, which also imports U.S.-made machinery. That’s a Massey Ferguson combine, a product of AGCO.

(Personal recollection. Visiting Odessa in 1994, we had a chance to look through local German-language newspapers, published before WWI. U.S. tractor and ag machinery ads were prominent. The Revolution ended all that, along with millions of lives, of course.)

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