Friday Follies: Climate Change (an original song)

By June 13, 2008General

A world premiere right here at, the whimsical, dismissical song about global warming, “Climate Change,” written and performed by the NAM’s own Vice President for Communications Hank Cox. (With some help from his bluegrass buddies.)

Listen here


I’ve got chipmunks in my beard
And my wife is acting weird.
Everyone I know is acting strange.
Even people that I meet
Just walking down the street –
You know it’s gotta be that climate change.

Mountain glaciers getting slushy
And the icecaps turning mushy
And now polar bears are roaming on the range.
There’s a haze up in the sky
And the tide is getting high
Man it has to be that awful climate change.


Won’t somebody raise the window
Let some cooler air in here.
Turn down the thermostat
And bring me a cold beer
Guess we might as well get naked
Just to keep our tushies cool
It just ain’t nice to fool
With climate change.

It’s an inconvenient truth
Though it sounds a bit uncouth
You’ll just have to excuse me when I say
That we have to pay attention
And suppress all dissension
Cause the earth is getting hotter every day.

All the scientists agreed
What the people really need
Is to park their cars and turn off all the lights.
We don’t really need to drive
To keep ourselves alive
And in truth it’s supposed to be dark at night


You don’t really need that heater
Toaster oven or egg beater
You can wash your dirty underwear by hand.
No need for a power mower
Electric saw or loud leaf blower
Just eat cold Rice a Roni from a can.

Let’s make a firm decision
To turn off the television
And live without that digital display
You don’t need to watch a movie
Reading books is much more groovey
Just throw those fancy gadgets all away


We are all in this together
Gotta do something bout the weather
We can’t just sit and let our buns get hot.
Gotta stop those greenhouse gases
All you lasses and dumbasses
Else the polar bears will eat us – NOT!


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