Environmental Group Calls for Even More Expensive Gas

By June 5, 2008Energy

Even as gasoline heads toward an average $4 a gallon, an environmental group demands LESS petroleum supply. From the Houston Chronicle:

Refinery expansions in the U.S. focused on processing crude from Canadian oil sands show an entrenched reliance on fossil fuels even as concerns grow about the effects of oil sands production, an environmental group said Wednesday.

Such multibillion-dollar investments illustrate a long-term shift in refining toward so-called heavy oil, which requires more energy-intensive production and prompts worries about emissions and waste runoff, the report’s authors said.

“The first step is to start with awareness of what it means,” said Eric Schaeffer, a former Environmental Protection Agency lawyer who is director of the Washington-based Environmental Integrity Project, an advocacy group that produced the report.

“This is an intensely wasteful way to feed an oil habit,” Schaeffer said.

The group’s materials, including the report, are available here. No domestic drilling, no imports, no Canada…hey, and why are you driving, anyway?

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