Cool Stuff Being Made: Matric

Changing, adapting, improving and innovating is a constant process — and constant demand — for many manufacturers, and Matric is a prime example of this principle. The company Matric Limited began in 1971 with a customer-oriented philosophy focused on providing quality products for radio hobbyists and technicians, has repeatedly expanded its facilities and products to manufacture electronic circuit boards, keyboards and electronic remote devices.

In this week’s “Cool Stuff Being Made” tours, the company’s sales manager, Kirk Byerly, walks us through process of manufacturing an electronic circuit board — including the use of a variety of high-tech machines run by skilled employees. The company makes products to order, e.g., printed circuit boards – electronics wireless products, fieldbus products, software and 3D modeling.

The company’s website is, and there’s a good company history here.

Have we mentioned what a good group of people there is at PCN, the Pennsylvania Cable Network that provides the videos for this series? Well, they are.

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