Cloture Motion on Lieberman-Warner Fails, 48-36

By June 6, 2008General

More precisely, the cloture motion on the Boxer substitute to S. 3036. It failed to reach the 60 votes required.

The most important vote of the year, of the decade, of the century, with all 84 Senators voting.

Sen. Boxer says if you tally letters of support from absent Senators (including the presidential candidates and the ill Kennedy and Byrd), the pro-cloture side would have reached 54 votes.

We’ll post the roll call when it’s available.

And now Sen. Saxby Chambliss is recalling D-Day on the 64th anniversary of the invasion.

 UPDATE (10:40 a.m.): The roll call vote is here.

UPDATE (10:41 a.m.): A summary post at the Heritage Foundation’s “The Foundry” blog: “Why We Won.”


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