Card Check: Support Will Hurt Your Candidacy

By June 5, 2008Labor Unions

From the Employee Freedom Action Committee:

WASHINGTON, June 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A survey released today by the non-profit Employee Freedom Action Committee (EFAC) revealed that Representative Thomas Allen trailed United States Senator Susan Collins in head-to-head general election match-up.  Rep. Allen’s prospects are not improved by his support of the misleadingly named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) or “card-check” legislation that Mainers oppose.  Three times as many Mainers said they were more likely to oppose Rep. Allen due to his support for card-check than said they would be more likely to support him.

According to the survey, Maine residents oppose the EFCA proposal by a sizeable 30% margin (57%-27%).  The bill is opposed across demographic and political lines in the state as a majority of men, women, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents stated their dissent.  When the legislation was explained in greater detail, the results were even more dramatic.  92% of respondents believe that employees should have the right to vote on forming a union by an election where each individual’s vote is kept private.

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