Card Check: But What About the Substance?

By June 6, 2008Labor Unions

WCSH-TV in Maine has a story on the Center for Union Facts running anti-card check ads in the state. Not a bad piece, with a serious effort at balance, “Labor Officials Denounce Union Attack Ads.” Denunciation is, of course, SOP from organized labor when they are called on to defend eliminating secret ballots in the workplace. So this kind of misdirection is typical:

Jack McKay, the President of the Eastern Maine Labor Council, says the center is nothing but a front organization for lobbyists who are pro-big business and anti-union interests. McKay says the organization is run by Richard Berman, a notorious lobbyist for the Alcohol, tobacco, and fast food industries.

“What the ads play on is a sense that, ‘I’m not gonna win, I should keep my head down and I can’t make a difference, because somebody out there is going to beat me down,” McKay said. “That’s exactly the problem unions see.”

Notorious? What does that mean? The fast-food industry is in disrepute? If you drink or produce alcohol, you lose your right to petition the government?

And what exactly does card-check do, Mr. McKay?

Anyway, here are the ads. Judge for yourself. And consider that some Maine labor leaders are so threatened by the arguments that they demand the stations pull the spots. Perhaps because card check cannot be defended on the substance.



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