Card Check: A Campaign Issue, You Bet

By June 4, 2008Labor Unions

The more the public gets to know about the Employee Free Choice Act, the better. As we argued before, most Americans will reject the idea that workers should be deprived of a secret ballot when voting on whether to join a union.

It will take the educational efforts of political campaigns to spread that knowledge, no doubt. So we note that the Republican-endorsed candidate in Minnesota’s First Congressional District is already raising the issue. He’s Dr. Brian Davis, a Mayo Clinic physician, running against U.S. Rep. Tim Walz:

[Davis] also chides Walz for supporting the Employee Free Choice Act, legislation that would make it easier for workers to join unions, but which Davis calls “simply un-American,” because it would deprive workers of a secret ballot.

No matter who the candidate, not matter the race, it serves the public well to have the Employee Free Choice Act debated more fully.

Elsewhere, we note the Center for Union Facts is running an ad campaign in Maine to educate the public on card check. As is typical, the response from labor and the self-styled progressives ignores the substance of the criticism and instead attacks the messenger, in this case the founder of Union Facts, Rick Berman. Some of the charges are scurrilous!

Berman has a long history with the Chamber of Commerce; in the 1970s, he was their labor law director.

How dare he.


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