Canada Says Yes to Trade as Congress Stalls

By June 6, 2008Trade

A spot-on editorial in Thursday’s Investor’s Business Daily, “Canada Eats Our Trade Lunch.”

Congressional Democrats often speak of restoring U.S. influence in the world. But if they think halting free trade with Colombia will do the trick, they’ll be surprised to know that the country whose influence they are extending is our northern neighbor.

As the proposed U.S.-Colombian trade agreement languishes into its fifth year, Canada is rushing to pass its own pact with the up-and-coming South American nation. And hot on Canada’s heels are Russia and the European Union, which also have no intention of blowing an opportunity.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada has its deal nearly done, and parliament will pull no monkeyshines to gum it up. In fact, it may sign off this week, months ahead of its September target, after watching House Speaker Nancy Pelosi derail the U.S. treaty.

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