Blogger’s Apprentice Goes High-Tech, Post-Political

By June 3, 2008Innovation

Very nice to see David Kralik featured in this morning’s Washington Post — an 1,800-word feature with a big photo in the Style section: “Journey of a Capital Insider From Hill To Valley.”

Kralik did a stint here at the National Association of Manufacturers in an Internet strategies/technology role, helping get off the ground back in 2004. He posted under the Nom de Blog as Blogger’s Apprentice, including reports from his adventures in the Antipodes and elsewhere.

In his new role, he’s Newt Gingrich’s guy in Silicon Valley:

Kralik is a probe of sorts, a vanguard of a small but growing Washington consensus that the federal government — not just its elected officials but also its middle bureaucrats — can learn from Silicon Valley’s ethos. Its creative, entrepreneurial drive. Its consumer-driven, my-product-is-better-than-your-product spirit. Its technological know-how.

Once a House page when Gingrich was speaker, Kralik is now director of Internet strategy for Gingrich’s new “tripartisan” nonprofit, American Solutions for Winning the Future. The group aims to move beyond partisanship and tackle issues — government accountability, education, etc. — with the help of the Internet.

Best of luck, Dave. Glad to see the outreach working so well.

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