After the Flood

By June 24, 2008General

From a news release:

PEORIA, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Among the victims of this months rain-fed floods across the nations midsection are manufacturing plants, many of which were forced to suspend operations, and others that were swamped by floodwaters. In response to the catastrophe, Advanced Technology Services, Inc. (ATS) is aiding the recovery by creating repair triage centers in flood-damaged counties. The company is also offering to help restart closed plants and to repair damaged machinery before damaging corrosion, contamination and further losses occur.

While business losses are still being tallied from missed rail and truck deliveries, idled barges, closed plants and shutdown factories, ATS cites the extremely expensive cost of stopped production, at an average $22,000 per minute. Flooded factories are also creating an environmental risk, as chemicals and other toxins are released. ATS pioneered the factory asset service business two decades ago, and today is the leading company providing managed services for production equipment maintenance and industrial parts repair for manufacturers.

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