ADA Amendments, Ensuring the Broadest, Best Workforce

By June 30, 2008Human Resources

An op-ed in today’s Washington Times from Tony Coehlo, chairman of the Epilepsy Foundation, and NAM President John Engler, “Securing the Promise of the ADA“:

[The ADA Amendments Act] would clarify Congress’ original intent and restore coverage to people who have been cut out of the law’s protections because, in a distinction worthy of “Catch 22,” the courts have ruled them “too functional” to meet the definition of “disabled.” Such hair-splitting ignores the fact that these Americans still are vulnerable to discrimination -– and our economy and our entire society still need their fullest contributions.

At a time when the baby-boom generation is beginning to retire, companies and industries are facing growing shortages of skilled workers and international competition is becoming more intense, there must be zero tolerance for discrimination that discourages capable workers. And as injured veterans return from Afghanistan and Iraq, it is even more urgent that we prevent discrimination against Americans with disabilities. Regardless of party, philosophy, disability or walk of life, Americans should be able to agree on this: We need to strengthen a law that strengthens America by passing the ADA Amendments Act in the U.S. Senate and signing it into law.

H.R. 3195 passed the House last week, 402-17.

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