Why the Litigation Antennae Vibrate

By May 27, 2008Briefly Legal

Immediately below we have a post about a new scientific study reporting on possible health consequences of exposure to carbon nanotubes. When injected into the abdomen of mice, some forms of the nanotubes cause lesions, similar to lesions in humans that are precursors to mesothelioma.

An early alert to potential health risks of nanoparticles encourages precautions and perhaps we can escape the real damage caused by asbestosis — deaths and disabilites of those exposed in past decades in the manufacturing process — as well as the damage of abusive litigation.

But litigation we expect. There are so many attorneys out there just looking for another target. From CyberWyre:

It’s been some time since I’ve updated my highest paying AdSense keywords list and I’m surprised by the results that I’ve found. It appears that mesothelioma attorneys are again paying the highest price for online advertising, at $69.10 per click! It has always been the trend that attorneys, insurance companies, and loan consolidation services are among those paying the most for online advertising, as they stand to make the most from a single client than many other businesses advertising online — which is the reason why the term “magazine subscription” is priced at $2.25/click and “mesothelioma treatment options” is over $69/click.

Below are the top-25 most expensive search keywords.

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