Why Not a Brooklyn Project?

By May 9, 2008General

Reading for this week’s Park City Center for Public Policy “Defending Cyberspace” conference — which went very well, we hear — we encountered the phrase “Manhattan Project.” It actually turns up with some frequency.

  • Chertoff Describes `Manhattan Project` for Cyber-defenses
  • Climate scientists call for their own ‘Manhattan Project’
  • Alexander’s ‘Manhattan Project’ what we need (Not to single out Sen. Alexander, who at least has an Oak Ridge audience with some knowledge. And it’s a terribly popular term among political figures.)
  • Among its directives, the legislation will direct federal researchers to launch a “Manhattan Project”-type effort on all stem cell research.
  • Faerie Films Calls for a ‘Manhattan Project’ to Improve School Food
  • Isn’t the analogy limiting, narrowing the discussion to a centralized, government-directed solution to the problems we face, one that excludes the private sector?

    And the Manhattan Project was a matter of war, of national defense, one of the areas most Americans agree belongs to the federal government. Saying we need a Manhattan Project is calling X, Y, or Z the moral equivalent of war.

    Besides….”Manhattan Project blamed for cancer

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