The Week Ahead: The Week of May 5

By May 5, 2008General

Happy Battle of Pueblo Day. And you Hoosiers, be prepared to show your ID on Tuesday; it’s primary day (in North Carolina, too.)

The Senate does not meet today — salud! — convening Tuesday to resume debate on H.R. 2881, FAA Reauthorization Act, and S. 2284, Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act.

The House convenes today at 12:30 p.m., and senses will be expressed. On Tuesday, look for debate on the appointment of conferees on H.R. 4040, the Consumer Product Safety Modernization Act. The Farm Bill conference report might also make it to the floor, as might H.R. 5818, the Neighborhood Stabilization Act.

The House Majority Leader’s floor schedule for the week ahead. A list of the week’s committee hearings is here, in the latest Daily Digest.

House hearings: Education and Labor on Tuesday, “Do Federal Programs Ensure U.S. Workers Are Recruited First Before Employers Hire From Abroad?Two Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearings on Tuesday, “The Renewable Fuels Standard: Issues, Implementation, and Opportunities,” and H.R. 5353, the Internet Freedom Preservation Act. Two Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee hearings, as well, emissions at one and at the other rising diesel costs’ effects on trucking. (Schedule.) A Homeland Security subcommittee reviews the nation’s supply chain on Wednesday. House Oversight on Thursday looks at the EPA’s new ozone standards. House Science on Wednesday marks up H.R. 5940, on nanotechnology. On Thursday, a joint committee hearing by Transportation and Budget on the financing of infrastructure.

Senate hearings: Three interesting hearings this week before Environment and Public Works. On Tuesday, the topic is perchlorate and TCE in water; Wednesday, a subcommittee oversights science and environmental regulatory decisions, with one expected storyline being “politicization of science”; Thursday the full committee has “Goods Movement on our Nation’s Highways.” The HELP Committee on Tuesday seizes the opportunity to hear from former HHS Secretaries Thompson and Shalala. On Wednesday, Homeland Security looks at the connection between fuel subsidies and food costs. A Judiciary subcommittee on Wednesday looks at concentration in the agriculture sector, especially the JBS/Swift acquisitions. And there’s an Appropriations subcommittee hearing Thursday on the FutureGen C02 sequestration program, revamped. Secretary Bodman testifies.

Executive Branch: President Bush welcomes President Martin Torrijos of Panama on Tuesday. He makes remarks to the Council of the Americas on Wednesday. On Thursday, Treasury Secretary Paulson is in Kansas City to view the printing of tax rebate checks.

A list of the week’s economic reports is here. Wednesday are Labor’s reports on productivity and costs.

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