The Week Ahead: The Week of May 12

By May 12, 2008General

Farm bill and the Iraq war funding in the House, farm bill and flood insurance in the Senate. The Senate is expected to debate competing energy proposals (or anti-energy proposals, as the case may be), attached to S. 2284, the flood insurance bill. (And the President is indicating a veto of the farm bill.) And it’s time to start preparing for the bicentennial of the War of 1812. When is that, anyway?

Both the House and the Senate convene today at 2 p.m., pro formally. The House floor schedule for the week is available here. For the full list of the upcoming week’s committee hearings, goto the Daily Digest pages.

House hearings: House Oversight on Wednesday, “Should FDA Drug and Medical Device Regulation Bar State Liability Claims?” Also Wednesday, an Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing on the “Food and Drug Administration Globalization Act,” specifically cosmetics and medical devices. On Thursday, the Small Business Committee focuses on the business effects of the food crisis. A Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee hearing on Wednesday, on airline consolidation (Delta, Northwest).

Senate hearings: Two hearings of note for Senate Energy and Natural Resources: On Tuesday, it reviews climate change’s potential effects on coastal infrastructure; on Thursday, it’s the development of oil shale. On Wednesday, a Commerce subcommittee holds a hearing on plastic additives in consumer products, i.e., phthalates and BPA. Senate Banking on Thursday studies the nation’s infrastructure, hearing from the mayors of NYC and Minneapolis. Foreign Relations on Thursday, “U.S.-China Relations in the Era of Globalization.” Judiciary on Thursday, a hearing on S. 2913, limiting judicial remedies in copyright infringement cases involving orphan works.

Executive Branch: The President and First Lady are off to Israel — Happy 60th — and then Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Commerce Secretary Gutierrez is traveling, first at Qualcomm and Hitachi in Southern California on Monday, then Beijing Thursday and Seoul on Friday. Energy Secretary Bodman is in Trinidad and Tobago Tuesday to talk about energy cooperation with a focus on LNG.

Economic Reports: Wednesday, BLS releases CPI for April.

And two items of interest in state courthouses. Today in Covington, Ky., three lawyers go on trial for bilking their clients out of millions in the Fen-Phen settlement. And in Rhode Island Thursday, the state Supreme Court hears arguments on an appeal from three paint manufacturers sued by the state attorney general, twisting the public nuisance statutes to make them pay $2.4 billion for a state clean-up plan. The NAM’s materials on the suit are here.

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