The Polar Bear: Heck of a Marketing Device

By May 2, 2008Global Warming

An e-mail came into our computer yesterday, one of the occasional communications we receive from We Can Solve It, a nice, soothing-colors group, the friendly face of Al Gore’s wrath.

The pitch? Contact the Secretary of Interior and urge him to protect the polar bear. And give us your e-mail address while you’re at it.

And a persuasive argument, it is:

The Bush Administration has until May 15 to decide whether to place the polar bear on the Endangered Species list. Tell Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne that the polar bear, and its fragile Arctic habitat, requires protection from the effects of global warming. Sign the petition today.

“Mr. Secretary, please ensure that the polar bear gains the protection of the Endangered Species Act today.”

As Thomas Dolby would say, “Science!”

UPDATE: (7:29 a.m.): We Can Solve It is sponsoring today’s NPR “Morning Edition” program, according to the announcement at the bottom of the hour. UPDATE (2:45 p.m.): “Climate Change to Worsen L.A. Traffic, Says NPR President

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