The Bigger the Crisis, the Bigger the Contribution

By May 30, 2008Global Warming

From a Union of Concerned Scientists’ fundraising letter:

With the global warming crisis reaching a critical point, each of us must strengthen our commitment to meeting this threat. Please donate today to ensure your donation will be doubled.

UCS is uniquely positioned to seize the opportunities presented by heightened public awareness about global warming, strong pressure on policy makers to take action, and a new president in the White House. We are a trusted voice among the scientific community and in Washington, DC, and our groundbreaking scientific analysis helps steer policy makers toward the best solutions before it is too late.

Your donation will allow us to respond quickly to the rapidly changing policy landscape in the coming months. Please make a generous donation to the UCS Matching Gift Fund today.

Trusted, eh?

The full letter is here. OK, granted the letter lacks the more refined touches, you know, the weeping polar bears, but… “before it is too late.” Apocalypse, now.

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