By May 12, 2008General
  • Exchange rate boosts U.S. squirrel exports. From The Guardian (U.K.): “The grey squirrel, the American cousin of Britain’s endangered red variety, is flying off the shelves faster than hunters can shoot them, with game butchers struggling to keep up with demand. ‘We put it on the shelf and it sells. It can be a dozen squirrels a day – and they all go,’ said David Simpson, the director of Kingsley Village shopping centre in Fraddon, Cornwall, whose game counter began selling grey squirrel meat two months ago.”
  • I’ll Have Another Milkshake, Please. USA Today: “Record prices are prompting oil prospectors to renew interest in drilling in Los Angeles, where urban sprawl, environmental opponents and decades of production make for one of the world’s toughest oil fields.”
  • So climate change is a good thing? The Australian: “AUSTRALIAN agricultural output will double over the next 40 years, with climate change predicted to increase, rather than hinder, the level of production…A recent spate of reports forecasting the decline of Australian agriculture because of climate change have greatly exaggerated, and even completely misreported the threat of global warming, according to senior rural industry figures.“
  • Socialized Refinery Plans, I: Bloomberg: “May 10 (Bloomberg) — Venezuela agreed with China, the world’s fastest-growing major economy, to form a joint venture that will produce oil in Venezuela’s Orinoco Belt to supply a new 400,000 barrel-a-day refinery they will build in China.”
  • Socialized Refinery Plans, II: A Fargo (N.D.) Forum editorial, “State-run oil refinery a silly idea”: “The notion that North Dakotans will benefit from a state-owned oil refinery is more about pandering than policy.”
  • Private-Sector Refinery Plans: AFP: “KUWAIT CITY (AFP) — Four South Korean and a Japanese firm were on Sunday declared winners of four major contracts worth billions of dollars to build a new refinery in Kuwait, an oil official said…The total value of the bids made by the companies was around 8.3 billion dollars…”
  • Kein Fahrvergnügen. From Deutsche Welle: “German motorists expressed anger at rising fuel prices Saturday, the start of the Whitsun holiday weekend, while opposition politicians called for a cut in fuel taxes…German motorists saw the prices for a liter of petrol break through 1.50 euros ($2.30) for the first time, with diesel only marginally cheaper at 1.45 euros.” That’s $8.70 a gallon.
  • Stocking Up for the Storm. From, Richmond, Va.: “RICHMOND– For the period Sunday, May 25, through Saturday, May 31, Virginia will hold its first Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday. During the weeklong event, certain purchases will be exempt from the 5 percent state and local retail sales tax. Sales tax will not be charged on generators costing $1,000 or less, or on 22 other products selling for $60 or less each.”
  • Even bottled water? From the Tonawanda (NY) News: “North Tonawanda, NY — While shopping at the North Tonawanda Budwey’s Supermarket on Saturday, Mary Collins and her mother, Betty Collins, both had 24-packs of bottled water in their carts. Both also had differing opinions on a bill being pushed by some state officials that would add a 5-cent deposit to non-carbonated beverages — everything from juice to bottled water and half-gallons of milk. That means shoppers would pay $1.20 more up front for a 24-pack of water.”
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