President Bush Vetoes Farm Bill

By May 21, 2008Taxation

UPDATE (2:15 p.m.) The President’s veto mesage

There are Davis-Bacon provisions?

The bill is H.R. 2419, the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008.

UPDATE (2:22 p.m.): The House intends to move quickly to an override vote.

UPDATE (7:55 p.m.) House override the President’s veto, 316-108.


AP story.

White House press secretary Dana Perino, speaking in the press gaggle before the actual veto:

MS. PERINO: Farm bill, on the timetable for the President — we do expect the President will veto it at some point today, so let the phone calls to my office begin: “Has he done it yet? Has he done it yet?”

This bill is bloated. It is bad for American taxpayers. And when grocery bills are on the rise, Congress is asking families to pay more in subsidies to wealthy farmers, at a time of record farm profits. We believe that the fact that they wanted to spend more than $20 billion over the current baseline is way too much to ask from taxpayers right now. We think that they hid new spending with timing shifts. There’s a report today that one of the provisions in the bill actually would provide even more subsidies to farmers.

And so the President has been clear all along on this bill. We worked hard to try to get to a place where we could sign a farm bill. We were very clear with what our provisions would be, and at the end of the day Congress decided to go in another direction.

USDA materials.

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