President Bush Showcasing a Manufacturer

By May 26, 2008Taxation

As noted below in the week ahead, the President visits Silverado Cable Company in Mesa, Arizona tomorrow. A few more details: He’s visiting the small, manufacturer of custom wire harnesses to promote the benefits of the recent tax stimulus plan. From The Arizona Republic:

Silverado owner Robert Simpson described being chosen for the visit as “exhilarating.”

Silverado Cable Co., founded in 1994, has about 70 employees who work to manufacture custom wire and harnesses. The company works mainly in connection with aerospace and transportations companies, but also does work with the military.

Simpson said he is thankful for the recent stimulus package because the extra funding gives them room to expand.

“We are a small business so all of our funds get directed right back into the company,” he said. “But with the stimulus package we can expand and invest in other areas.”

The East Valley Tribune also talked to Simpson, who explains,

“We just run a great company,” Simpson said. “I don’t want to sound immodest, but we have a very, very good track record with our customers. He (Bush) wanted to take a look and see how we are taking advantage of some of the economic opportunities he is presenting. It’s working out great for us.”..[snip]

“Anything from a cigarette lighter to the radar systems, we are involved in putting wiring harnesses together for that,” Simpson said.

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